Publikuota: 2019.07.08. Atnaujinta: 2019.07.08

Council hosted CEER meeting

On 5 July, 2019, the National Energy Regulatory Council (hereinafter – Council) in cooperation with the Council of European Energy Regulators (hereinafter – CEER) hosted CEER Incentives Regulation and Efficiency Benchmarking (hereinafter – IRB) Work stream meeting. The Chair of Council Ms Inga Žilienė welcomed the participants of the meeting gathering together in Vilnius for the first time to attend the IRB meeting with the aim to promote further cooperation in the energy regulation.

Council’s representatives shared their best practices when performing the supervision of regulated companies, setting and approving State regulated prices. CEER’s colleagues showed their interest in the methodologies used by Council in investment evaluation and approval process. Also, the participants discussed about the Long-Run Average Incremental Cost (LRAIC) model used by Council with the aim to increase the efficiency of the operation of the electricity networks.

There were also discussions about the CEER‘s perfomed pan-European TSOs cost efficiency benchmark study – the participants of the meeting exchanged the views about the results of the study and way forward on how to better improve the methods for the future benchmarks.

Next meeting of IRB will take place in September in Vienna.

Council is member of CEER and regularly participates in its meetings and decision making process within General Assembly.