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Published: 3/22/2019. Updated: 3/22/2019

CEER Public Consultation on Regulatory Challenges for a Sustainable Gas Sector

Friday 22 March 2019, CEER launches its public consultation on Regulatory Challenges for a Sustainable Gas Sector. 

This CEER public consultation seeks to identify what energy regulation can do to foster the development of a sustainable gas sector. The goals are: (1) to identify the regulatory challenges for an efficient transition of the gas sector towards a low-carbon energy demand scenario; and (2) to identify enabling factors that the National Regulatory Authorities could apply to make this transition both possible and smooth.

With this public consultation document, CEER intends to collect information and opinions from all stakeholders on the relevant challenges and goals.

Please find the consultation paper and the link to the online questionnaire to participate in the public consultation here.

The deadline for this public consultation is Friday 17 May 2019.